👴Rug Royalties

Operated by Divergent Club, a Sub-DAO of Project X

Through Rug Royalties, users have the option to "Rug" (sell) their NFTs in exchange for a return of 0.001 $EGLD.

In countries where capital gains tax is applied to the sale of crypto assets, users can potentially claim "tax losses." Tax losses occur when the sale of an asset results in a financial loss compared to its original purchase price. Typically, tax losses cannot be claimed if an asset is stolen, a project rugs, or if the asset is burned (destroyed).

By selling the asset through Rug Royalties, users can now claim tax losses on their tax self-assessment. Additionally, Rug Royalties conducts a monthly raffle of 2x Divergent Club NFTs, with users earning a raffle ticket for each NFT they rug through the Dapp.

Learn more abou it here -> https://rug.divergentclub.xyz/

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