All collections of Project X

Subject X - Main Collection - DNA miners - Upgradeable A digital collection of 5000 randomly generated PFPs that powers the DAO.

Titans - Tier-2 Entities Non-tradable 1 of 1 NFTs with special Perks & Utilities.

Divergent Club - subDAO Collection - Community Lead A collection of 3333 generative pixelized characters exploring the world and the MultiversX blockchain. The Club aims to create a vibrant community hub where individuals can come together, have fun, and thrive from the Club benefits.

DNA Capsules - Utility This SFT is crafted with the sole purpose of amplifying the capabilities of Subject X.

Boxes & Keys - Gamify Collection This collection introduced mystery on MultiversX. Grab a Box and a Key to win a random prize ->

X Capsules - Mintable Collection Each capsule contains a Subject X. Used to gamify the mint experience and add a new layer of depth to the minting process.

Milk Bottle - Utility Got Milk?

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