DNA is an next-gen utility token (ESDT) used within the Project X ecosystem. All the tools and apps within the X ecosystem incorporate DNA and provide utility for Subject X. The purpose is to reward and empower the community while growing and developing the MultiversX ecosystem.

  • DE-FI: DNA represents shares of Project X DAO, shares of the revenue generated by our products and initiatives ( dApps, products, tools, subDAOs, and more).

  • Ecosystem Token: DNA serves as the primary currency for the X ecosystem, enhancing its utility and value. Through the token, Subject X holders will gain access to various extra benefits such as merchandise, raffles, exclusive games, quests, events and other services.

  • Digital currency: DNA is an open currency that can be used and traded without centralized intermediaries within the ecosystem. It also represents a tool for Project X to incentivize supporters and builders interested to participate in the ecosystem by incorporating DNA into their platforms (games, services, marketplaces and other projects). After DNA use cases are in place, the salaries model will change to DNA -> Coming soon...

  • The Enhancement: Where Subject X become Subject X². Holding a Subject X² grants you 2 pieces of art, boosted rewards, and a lot of surprises, all possible through DNA.

  • Minting: DNA can be used to mint other collections. We aim to expand this soon.

  • More to be unlocked.

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